Jan van Munster


Galerie Ramakers (2015)
Solo Show
07 October until 04 November 2018
The Hague (NL)

Galerie Ramakers; The Hague (NL)
opening 7 oktober 2018

photo Julio Le Parc, Lumière alternée, 1966, private collection
Action < - > Reaction
22 September 2018 until 20 January 2019
Rotterdam (NL)

In the autumn of 2018, the Kunsthal Rotterdam will cover the complete range of kinetic (moving) art in the exhibition Action <-> Reaction. It will feature work by the most famous kinetic artists in the world. This impressive retrospective will offer Kunsthal visitors an opportunity to experience art that appeals to all the senses. Feel, watch, smell, hear and experience the rhythms, flashes, vibrations, instabilities and force fields right up to the cosmos! The exhibition is a revival of the successful 2013 Paris exhibition ‘Dynamo’ and is realised in close collaboration with the Grand Palais in Paris.
With over ninety artworks, subdivided into twelve themes (light, movement, structure, rhythm, radiation, vibration, instability, spatiality, vortex (swirling), immateriality, force fields and cosmos), the exhibition will show an impressive retrospective of kinetic art, including its history and the various aspects and perspectives that make this art kinetic. The artists John Armleder, Pol Bury, Alexander Calder, Jan van Munster, Ann Veronica Janssens, Philippe Decrauzat, Jeppe Hein, Anish Kapoor, Zilvinas Kempinas, Frantisek Kupka, Yayoi Kusama, Julio Le Parc, Francois Morellet, Jesus Rafael Soto and many others, will all be represented by their work.

Inge Dick studio view
Between Dark and Light
14 September until 27 October 2018
Munich (DE)

Inge Dick en Jan and Munster
Galerie Renate Bender; Munich (DE).

Art on Paper 2018
Art on Paper Amsterdam
13 until 16 September 2018

Jan van Munster is represented by Jan van Hoof Galerie, Den Bosch (NL).

multiple art 2017
Genève Reloaded
30 June until 18 August 2018
Zurich (CH)

Group show with works by the artists of the gallery.

Schauraum Multipleart

Opening 30 June 2018 from 2 p.m.

Decade One
06 May until 16 June 2018
Berlin (DE)

10 Years Galerie dr. Julius | ap Berlin (DE)
opening 6 May 2018, 11.30 a.m.


Celebration show with works by
Douglas Allsop (GB) Dieter Balzer (DE) Carlo Battisti (IT) Wolfgang Berndt Willem Besselink (NL) Alain Biltereyst (BE) Hartmut Böhm (DE) Anna-Maria Bogner (AT) Monika Brandmeier (DE) Jeongmoon Choi (KR) Daniela Comani (IT) Matthew Deleget (US) Stephan Ehrenhofer (AT) Gerhard Frömel (AT) Daniel Göttin (CH) Robert Gschwantner (AT) Anette Haas (DE) José Heerkens (NL) Gilbert Hsiao (US) Siegfried Kreitner (DE) Anna Kubelik (DE) Ray Melone (GB) Riki Mijling (NL) Jan van Munster (NL) Friederike von Rauch (DE) Natalie Reusser (CH) Astrid Schindler (DE) Hansförg Schneider (DE) Regine Schumann (DE) Lucía Simón Medina (ES) Esther Stocker (IT) Julius Stahl (DE) Tim Stapel (DE) Don Voisine (US) Jan Maarten Volkuil (NL) Peter Weber (DE) Dese Winter (DE) Susan York (US) Annett Zinsmeister (DE) and guests

Art Cologne
Art Cologne
18 until 22 April 2018
Keulen (DE)

Jan van Munster is represented by
editon + galerie hoffmann (Friedberg, DE)
hall 11.1, booth B 31


14 April until 12 May 2018
Goes (NL)

Steven Aalders and Jan van Munster
Galerie van den Berge, Goes (NL)
opening 14 April 2018, 3 – 6 p.m.



Art Paris Art Fair (Grand Palais)
Art Paris Art Fair
04 until 08 April 2018
Paris, Grand Palais

Jan van Munster is represented by
Galerie Bacqueville (Lille, FR)
booth C 2


Art Karlsruhe (Jürgen Rössner)
Art Karlsruhe
21 until 25 February 2018
Karlsruhe (DE)

Jan van Munster is represented by

Galerie Linde Hollinger (Ladenburg, DE).
Halle 2 – booth D 20


Renate Bender Gallery (Munich, DE)
Hall 2 – booth C 08



Art Rotterdam (Van Nellefabriek))
Art Rotterdam
07 until 11 February 2018

Jan van Munster is represented by
Galerie Ramakers (The Hague); booth 64.


Let There Be Light
CELEBRATION part 1 – Let There Be Light
06 December 2017 until 21 January 2018
Antwerpen, Nieuw Zuid, Leon Stynenstraat 21

Group show curated by Joris Van De Moortel (BE) in cooperation with Galerie Sofie Van De Velde; Antwerpen (BE); with works by Sarkis; Guillaume Bijl; Michel François; Ann Veronica Janssens; Kelly Schacht; Brigitte Kowanz; Tracy Emin; Ivan Navarro; Keith Sonnier; Paul Schwer; Navid Nur; Jan van Munster and others.

Opening Thursday 7 December 2017, 6 – 9 p.m.

Galerie Bender
Art Miami
05 until 10 December 2017
Miami; Florida / USA

Jan van Munster is represented by Galerie Renate Bender, München (DE).
Booth # A 329


Museum Ijsselstein
VERLICHT MIJ 2017 – View On Light In Art Now
02 December 2017 until 25 February 2018
Ijsselstein, Walkade 2-4

Museum Ijsselstein

Participating artists
Pieke Bergmans, Mathieu Klomp, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Anna Lange, Sabine Marcelis, Jan van Munster, Sandra den Ouden, André Pielage, Fedor van Rossem, Lea Schiess, Su Tomesen, Hans Tutert, Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch en Peter Zegveld.

Opening Saturday 2 December 2017.

PAN 2017
PAN Amsterdam
19 until 26 November 2017
Amsterdam, Europaplein 20

Jan van Munster is represented by Jan van Hoof Galerie, Den Bosch (NL).

Jan van Munster 'Emergency Exit' 1975
03 November 2017 until 08 April 2018
Museum Rotterdam, Rodezand 26

The exhibition brings visitors along a historical timeline, an impressive cinematic experience and a thematic deepening with museum and archive pieces. You can see a filmed interview with Jan van Munster about the now removed work at the exit of the atomic binoculars. Jan van Munster’s ‘Emergency Exit’ of 1975 covered the atomic escape hatch and vent tubes where the most important PTT people (= Post Telegraph Phone) could provide international communication.

Opening Friday 3 November 2017, 5 – 8 p.m.

Carreau du Temple; Paris
YIA art fair # 11 Paris
19 until 22 October 2017
Le Carreau du Temple, 4 Rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris

Jan van Munster is represented by
Galerie Cédric Bacqueville;  Lille (FR).

Opening Thursday 19 October 2017, 6 p.m.

Leuthener Gasometer; Rote Insel
Start Up !
30 August until 20 October 2017
Hannover (DE)

Edition Rote Insel

Exhibition featuring multiples + series  in a site-specific composition at
OUTLOOK, the project space of Galerie Robert Drees

Anna-Maria Bogner [AT], Monika Brandmeier [DE], Jeongmoon Choi [KR], Anette Haas [DE], José Heerkens [NL], Riki Mijling [NL], Regine Schumann [DE], Esther Stocker [IT], Denise Winter [DE], Susan York [US], Annett Zinsmeister [DE], Douglas Allsop [GB], Carlo Battisti [IT], Wolfgang Berndt [DE], Hartmut Böhm[DE], Stephan Ehrenhofer [AT], Gerhard Frömel [AT], Daniel Göttin [CH], Gilbert Hsiao [US], Ray Malone [IE], Jan van Munster [NL], Julius Stahl [DE], Don Voisine [US], Peter Weber [DE], Daniela Comani [IT], Anna Kubelik [CH], Friederike von Rauch [DE], Natalie Reusser [CH], Dieter Balzer [DE], Willem Besselink [NL], Alain Biltereyst [BE], Robert Gschwantner [AT], Hansjörg Schneider [DE], Tim Stapel [DE]

Brainwave (Ratio); 2009
Short Circuit Between Line and Light
30 May until 27 October 2017
Witten (DE); Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 60

Solo exhibition

ARDEX Informationszentrum

opening 30 May 2017; 7 p.m.

introduction John Jaspers; director International Light Art Centre; Unna (DE)

registration: birgit.zietlow@ardex.de

18 May until 01 July 2017
Munich (DE)

In Persuit of Light

The exhibition, curated by Renate Bender, was on display at Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg (DE) in March/April 2017. Within the concept Renate Bender shows other works of the same artists in her gallery in Munich (DE).

Hellmut Bruch, Victoria Coeln, Inge Dick, Rosa M Hessling, Siegfried Kreitner, François Morellet, Jan van Munster, Nadine Poulain, Regine Schumann and Thomas Wunsch.

Opening 18. Mai 2017, 19 – 21 Uhr

Venice (IT)
09 May until 26 November 2017
La Galleria, San Marco 2566, Venetië (IT)

Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, Mainz (DE)/Venetië (IT)

Group show with works by:

Lore Bert, Daniel Buren, Sebastian Dannenberg, Mohamed Kazem, Wulf Kirschner, François Morellet, Jan van Munster, Arne Quinze, Tori Simeti

Carl-Jürgen Schroth; photo M. Larßen
format – 35 Jahre Sammlung Schroth
07 May until 13 August 2017
Soest (DE)

International group show at the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Foundation Konzeptuelle Kunst and the 70th birthday of founder and collector Carl-Jürgen Schroth.

Raum Schroth at Museum Wilhelm Morgner


Edged circle; 2017
inspiration, dedication, transformation
30 April until 21 May 2017
Den Bosch (NL)

Arjan van Arendonk, jcj van der heyden and Jan van Munster

Jan van Hoof Galerie, Den Bosch (NL)

opening 30 april 2017, 2 – 6 p.m.

dr.julius| ap
Edition Rote Insel
28 April until 27 May 2017
Berlin (DE); Leberstrasse 60

International group show on edition works, launching a new gallery section.

dr. julius | ap

Opening Friday, April 28, 2017, 7 – 11 p.m.

LIGHT SOUND MOVEMENT – a selection of art works of the Collection Heer (Starnberg; DE)
28 April until 01 May 2017
Unterhaching/München (DE)

Rolf Bernhard Heer’s collection consists of approximately 75 pieces of kinetic and light art by 20 international artists as Julio le Parc (AR), Hugo Demarco (AR), Hans Schork (DE), Hojo Drott (DE), Siegfried Kreitner (DE), Jakub Nepraš (CZ), Sebastian Hempel (DE) and Jan van Munster (NL). A selection is on view at ars-technica 7 in Unterhaching/München (DE).

Art Cologne
26 until 29 April 2017
Cologne (DE)

26 – 29 April 2017

Jan van Munster is represented by Galerie Hoffmann; Friedberg (DE)

Booth 1 B 31

off course art fair brussels
OFF COURSE young contemporary Art Fair Brussel
20 until 23 April 2017
Brussel (BE)

Palais de la Dynastie; Kunstberg 5; Brussels (BE)

Jan van Munster is represented by Galerie Cédric Bacqueville; Lille (FR)

Kunstmuseum Celle mit Sammlung Robert Simon
SIGNAL – Kunstmuseum Celle (DE) with Collection Robert Simon
19 March until 13 August 2017
Schlossplatz 7; Celle (DE)

A selection of 40 light art installations from the collection of Robert Simon with works by

molitor & kuzmin (DE) Leonardo Mosso (IT) Jan van Munster (NL) Chris Nägele (DE) Boris Petrovsky (DE) Otto Piene (DE) Susanne Rottenbacher (DE) Regine Schumann (DE) Detlef Schweiger (DE) Paul Schwer (DE) Max Sudhues (DE) Timm Ulrichs (DE) Nils Völker (DE)

Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg
“FarbeLicht – LichtFarbe” DEM LICHT AUF DER SPUR
05 March until 30 April 2017
Aschaffenburg (DE)

Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg (DE)


Works by Hellmut Bruch (A), Victoria Coeln (A), Inge Dick (A), Rosa M Hessling (D),

Siegfried Kreitner (D), François Morellet (FR), Regine Schumann (D), Thomas Wunsch (D)

Jan van Munster (NL), Nadine Poulain (D), Regine Schumann (D), Thomas Wunsch (D)

Curator: Renate Bender

CADORO masterpieces & others
Masterpieces & Others
25 February until 12 July 2017
Cadoro; Centre for Arts and Science, Mainz (DE)

Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, Mainz (DE)/Venice (IT)

Group show with works by Lore Bert, Hellmut Bruch, Sebastian Dannenberg, Heinz Gappmeyer, Raimund Girke, Joseph Kusuth, Patrick Mimran, François Morellet, Jan van Munster, René Rietmeyer

Art Karlsruhe
Art Karlsruhe 2017
16 until 19 February 2017
Karlsruhe (DE)

Jan van Munster wordt vertegenwoordigd door

Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, Mainz (DE)/Venetië (IT)

Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg (DE)

Edition & Galerie Hoffmann, Friedberg (DE)

We Like Art @ Art Rotterdam; fotografie Maarten Tromp
We like Art 2017 at Art Rotterdam
09 until 12 February 2017
Rotterdam; Van Nelle Fabriek; Schiegebouw tegenover de hoofdingang van Art Rotterdam

Affordable art works of upcoming and leading artists in the context of Art Rotterdam.

Jan van Munster is represented by Galerie Van den Berge, Goes (NL).


Rotterdam World Trade Centre
Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair
08 until 12 February 2017
Rotterdam; Eendrachtsplein 18; 3012 LA Rotterdam

8 until 12 February 2017; World Trade Centre Rotterdam (NL).

Jan van Munster is represented by Galerie Fenna de Vries, Rotterdam.

Nyenrode; Breukelen (NL)
In opdracht van… een unieke selectie uit de kunstcollectie van PostNL
24 January until 24 April 2017
Breukelen (NL)

Nyenrode Business Universiteit, founded in 1946, is the only private university in the Netherlands. It builds on the motto ‘for business, by business’. This year Nyenrode is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

PostNL, one of the founders of Nyenrode, has one of the oldest business collections in the Netherlands. The core collection comprises more than fifteen hundred works and includes paintings, photography, graphics, sculptures and applied art. The exhibition from January 23 to April 24, 2017 shows a selection of 60 works (by among others Jan van Munster) on the campus of Nyenrode.

CADORO with Circle of Energy; 2015
Masterpieces & Others
14 November 2016 until 12 February 2017
Mainz (DE)

Works by Bert, Buren, Dannenberg, Gappmeyer, Girke, Kosuth, Morellet, Plessi, Uecker and Van Munster.

Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen

CADORO, Centre for Arts and Science, Mainz (DE)

05 November until 24 December 2016

5 November 2016, 14 – 19 p.m.

Galerie Van Den Berge

Albert Joachimikade 5

NL 4461 BG Goes

Group show with works by Ditty Ketting, Tom van Kints, Dave Meijer, Jan van Munster, Sybille Pattscheck, Nanda Runge, P.B. van Rossum, Regine Schumann, Hinke Schreuders, Clary Stolte, Freddie Michel Soethout, Shawn Stipling, Maurice van Tellingen en Raf Thys.

Artissima Torino (IT)
Artissima Torino
03 until 06 November 2016
Turijn (IT)

Artissima Torino is the most important art fair in Italy.

Jan van Munster is represented by edition und schauraum multipleart, Zurich (CH).


Art Fair Cologne
27 October until 30 September 2016
Keulen (DE)

Art Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art; Köln Messe; hall 1 en 2

Jan van Munster is represented by Galerie Linde Hollinger; booth E06. His work can also be seen at booth C05 of Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst from Soest (DE).

Postbahnhof Berlin (DE)
15 until 28 September 2016
Berlin (DE)

Art Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art. 74 selected galleries from 13 countries. Jan van Munster is represented by dr. julius |ap; Berlin (DE)


Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof; Straße der Pariser Kommune 8; 10243 Berlin

IK; 2003; Apeldoorn; Sprengenpark (NL); photo Anaïs Lopez
27 August until 25 September 2016
Coda Museum; Apeldoorn

CODA Museum Apeldoorn (NL) presents an overview of all winners of the Wilheminaring, the Dutch prize for sculpture, which is awarded every two years to an eminent Dutch sculptor. It is one of the most important art prizes in the Netherlands: Joop Beljon (1998), Joep van Lieshout (2000), Jan van Munster (2002), Carel Visser (2004), Maria Roosen (2006), John Körmeling (2009), Piet Slegers (2011), Hans van Houwelingen (2013), Auke de Vries (2015). The award consists of a specially designed ring and a commission for a sculpture in Sprengenpark, Apeldoorn (NL).

Opening 27 August 2016, 1.00 p.m. CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (NL).

key works 1968 - 2016
JAN VAN MUNSTER – key works 1968 – 2016
06 August until 11 September 2016
Projectruimte Galerie Samuel Vanhoegaerden, Knokke (BE), Het Zoute, Zeedijk 740

At the invitation of Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery, Knokke (BE) Jan van Munster shows key works from 1968 until now.

Floating – Between Illusion and Precision
04 June until 27 November 2016
Luftmuseum Amberg (DE)

The exhibition “Floating – Between Illusion and Precision” is due to the suggestion of the Frankfurt cultural scientist Volker Fischer, who has also been the curator.

26 May 2016 until 31 March 2017
Galerie Van der Koelen - Venetië (IT)

Group show with works by Lore Bert, Hellmut Bruch, Daniel Buren, Mohammed Kazem, Jan van Munster, Nikolas Schmidt-Pfähler, Arne Quinze and Vera Röhm.

(extended until 31 March 2017)

opening Art Room Schroth; foto Peter Dahm
21 May until 18 September 2016
Kunstraum Sammlung Schroth - Soest (DE)

Selected works from the SCHROTH COLLECTION by 25 international mathematical-constructive artists (Douglas Allsop, Hellmut Bruch, François Morellet, Jan van Munster, Reinaud Oudshoorn, Peter Weber, Beat Zoderer and others) – opening  ART ROOM SCHROTH and re-opening Mueum Wilhelm Morgner, Thomasstrasse 1, Soest (DE)

Brainwave (Ratio); 2016; 40 X 7 m; glass; argon; transformers; foto Guus Rijven
16 April until 17 July 2016
Noletloodsen - Schiedam (NL)

De Ketelfactory is bursting at the seams! From the 16th of April through the 17th of July 2016 the Schiedam-based exhibition space will be diverging to the Noletloodsen for art manifestation Snapshot of a larger order. Twenty artists who have previously exhibited work at De Ketelfactory are creating new work specially for this occasion.

Hanging Brainwave; 2012; studio view
24 March until 14 May 2016
Grimaldis Galley - Baltimore MD (USA)

A group show with works of  Chul Hyun Ahn, François Morellet, Erwin Redl, Annette Sauermann and Jan van Munster in Gallery C. Grimaldis, Baltimore MD (USA).

PRIÈRE DE TOUCHER – The Touch of Art
11 February until 16 May 2016
Tinguely Museum - Basel (CH)

The exhibition is centered around the sense of touch and the haptic system as a possibility of aesthetic perception, and it throws up a series of questions at the same time: How do we perceive tactile art? What happens when our skin suddenly plays the main role in the experiencing of art? Even without direct physical contact with the beholder, can artworks appeal to their sense of touch? Can tactile experiences be described and translated into images? Works from entirely different eras testify to an understanding of art that includes the tactile dimension. Tactility has increasingly become a deliberately employed design element since the mid-20th century.

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
I Love Holland. Dutch post-war art
21 September 2013 until 23 October 2016
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (NL)

‘The exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is one we all eagerly await.’

With the exhibition entitled Ik hou van Holland. Nederlandse kunst na 1945 (I Love Holland. Dutch post-war art), the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam will present a comprehensive overview of post-war Dutch art. An overview of this quality, magnitude and depth has never been shown in the Netherlands. It displays the developments in Dutch contemporary art, and links these to developments in society.