Jan van Munster

CENTURY idea Bauhaus

a drj art project with 100+6 international positions

Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Cabinet / Raum Schroth
Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst

With CENTURY. idee bauhaus, we are presenting an outstanding 106-piece ensemble from the Schroth Collection.

Conceived as a project for the Bauhaus anniversary year 2019 by Matthias Seidel and Christiane Bail, directors of Berlin-based programme gallery drj art projects, CENTURY. idee bauhaus was curated together with museum directors Simone Schimpf and Sibylle Hoiman, art scholar Frederik Schikowski and architect and art collector Frank F. Drewes.
100 artists were invited to submit their personal reflections on the Bauhaus in the form of a DIN A4 sheet. These individual contributions illuminate a broad spectrum of artistic approaches and attitudes, encompassing both personal closeness and critical distance to the subject.

CENTURY. idee bauhaus was presented in European Capital of Culture 2023 Veszprém, Hungary, as part of our “Kultur.Kontakt.Konkret” cooperation and expanded to include six selected Hungarian positions. Just like the other 100 works, these are also created according to the established parameters.

Just returned from Hungary, these now 100+6 individual works will be presented in the cabinet of the Museum Wilhelm Morgner parallel to the exhibition of works from the Hungarian Vass Collection, which can be seen in Raum Schroth and on the upper level of the museum.
Comprehensive information on the project and all the contributions can be found at century.drj-art-projects.com.