Jan van Munster


Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen (NL)

Thematic exhibition with works by Marina Abramovic (RS, 1946) & Ulay (DE, 1943-2020) | Jan Andriesse (NL, 1950) | Marinus Boezem (NL, 1934) | Elspeth Diederix (KE, 1971) | Zoro Feigl (NL, 1983) | Roger Hiorns (GB, 1975) | Chaim van Luit (NL, 1985) | Jan van Munster (NL, 1939) | Yoko Ono (JP, 1933) | David Rickard (NZ, 1975) | Jeroen de Rijke (NL, 1970-2006) & Willem de Rooij (NL, 1969) | herman de vries (NL, 1931) | Marijke van Warmerdam (NL, 1959) | Ai Weiwei (CN, 1957)

Curator: Colin Huizing

For the exhibition Air, guest curator Colin Huizing invited internationally renowned artists whose installations, objects and performances make the phenomenon of air tangible and question it. A large number of works in the exhibition allow you to experience the beauty and essence of air, but there are also works that directly or indirectly draw attention to the endangered quality of air in our atmosphere, the downside of our current prosperity. They indicate the spirit of the times in different ways, but above all draw attention to neglected details and thus make us aware of the world in which we live. The exhibition, which covers the vast majority of Kranenburgh’s new wing, unfolds like an exciting journey through the halls and allows the visitor to see, hear, feel and contemplate air.