Jan van Munster


Plus Minus

+ –  and IK

In his former place of residence, Renesse, Jan van Munster realized his ultimate + – in the shape of two pavilions. He founded the Plus Min (artist-in-residence) foundation that organized an impressive series of exhibitions in the sculptural buildings up to 2003. Ousted by increasingly encroaching campsites, Van Munster, by then 65 years old, moved to Oost-Souburg in 2005 to start all over again in the area around the monumental water tower designed by engineer J.H.J. Kording. On this very special site he created his IK island. With the attainments of the Plus Min Foundation he founded the IK Foundation in 2006.

The essence of IK lies in the philosophy of its founder concerning the IK island. The IK Foundation is a small-scale, autonomous organization with a highly enthusiastic board. Through its formula, IK aims to address and highlight the intrinsic value of art. Its autonomous position enables it to respond flexibly to opportunities and developments that enhance this aim.

The exclusiveness of the IK island lies in the intimate nature of its position on the intersection of the public and private domains. It is an inspiring meeting place for anyone interested in and eager to enjoy the very special location, art and dialogue. The foundation exploits this potential as a space of production and presentation to stimulate working at the ‘roots of art’. The emphasis is on the process of creation, with quality and innovation as central aspects.

IK offers autonomous curators the opportunity to invite remarkable artists for a creative stay on the IK island. Once a year, the foundation itself invites a native Zeeland artist. The work periods are concluded with an exhibition and the issuing of a work in series or a publication. In addition, the foundations stimulates and facilitates the exhibition of private and public art collections. With all its activities IK strives to interconnect various expressions of art, culture and science. It sees added value in collaborations with like-minded organizations, both at home and abroad.

Since 2011, a partnership has developed with the Mondriaan Fund, which has included the IK island in its list of Dutch residencies and supports two work periods per year.

The artist residence is closed in June 2018.